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Website 21. Mar, 2017


I sit there open-mouthed watching .... how beautiful !!! that deserves respect for what you accomplish out there ... a lot of fun too with these ideas!

14. Dec, 2016

Sorry that the picture on the other one didn't turn out good

Loui's Christmas hair cut.loui is 8 months and he is beautiful and a loving dog love Julia and aimee

14. Dec, 2016


Louis Christmas hair cut. Loui is 8 months old and he is beautiful and a loving dog love Julia and. Aimee

3. Nov, 2016


Hi Christine this is Mollie who I believe was one of yours born 20.11.13 would love to see any siblings.

10. Oct, 2016


Been with us one week now - Betsy settled in well

19. Jul, 2016


This weekend I turned 1 - I'm such a big girl now, 7 in doggy years.

I miss you so much Auntie Christine and hope to visit soon. You won't believe how much I've grown.

Look what Mummy and Daddy bought me for my birthday - I had sooooo much fun.

Woofs and licks,

Mini Moo xx

20. Jun, 2016

Julia fox

Hi Christine , we are so pleased with Loui , he has settled in very well as he has been home for 2 weeks .he has had loads of cuddles and kisses.

28. Apr, 2016


Tatty - 1year old today

she has been a absolute delight

20. Apr, 2016


Hi Christine, Its my 2nd birthday today! so I thought I would share with you this picture of me taken last summer. Love Wilfred xxxx

10. Apr, 2016

Lynne Bailey

I wanted to comment on the super stud service provided by Christine and her toy poodle Oliver. Christine was incredibly helpful in providing an unrushed friendly service for a very fair price. Her knowledge of breeding is immense. Oliver is a highly respectful,
experienced and eager stud dog. I would highly recommend. Thank you Christine, regards Lynne Bailey

19. Mar, 2016

Abby & Regine

Hello Christine,

Today, Nero is 12 weeks and he has been cuddled and kissed all day. He is the most loving, independent and clever little boy. He is so clumsy though and its so cute.

We have had Nero 3 weeks now and he is already potty trained, he never cries at night, and he has already learnt sit, paw, up, stay and down. Can't imagine our family without this little guy now and we can tell you have done an absolutely fantastic job with
him before he came home with us. If we are ever getting a brother or sister for Nero, we know where to go! Thank you,

hugs from little Nero.

24. Feb, 2016

Karen Johnson

Can't quite believe Mabel is nearly one. She is the most good natured, laid back, comical, gorgeous puppy I know. Our lives have changed definitely for the better and I can't imagine our home without her now

31. Oct, 2015

Mini Goodman

Hello Godmother Christine,

I'm almost 16 weeks and I've now perfected my 'get what I want' face!!

I miss you lots and send you lots of big hugs.

All my love,

Mini xxx

28. Oct, 2015

Mark & Gemma

Hi Christine, can't believe it's been a year! Duncan has settled in beautifully and nearly always comes back when you call him. (kinda). He is the perfect pup, calm, loyal and loving.

We tried to find an image of Duncan that was as cute as all the others left here but a) he photographs poorly and b) we thought this photo was more true to his real nature. Duncan LOVES other dogs, espically Henry (other dog in picture) whom is a friend at
Doggy Day Care.

So thanks again for giving us a brilliant member of our team. We can't remember life without him.

29. Sep, 2015

Mini Goodman

Hello Godmother Christine.

I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and I'm loving my new home in London.

Thank you so much for looking after me so well.

Mummy and Daddy love me to pieces and they say I'm such a good girl.

Love to everyone,

Mini xx

30. Aug, 2015


Mabel at nearly 5 months. Love this girl so much even though she loves nothing more than rolling in dirty puddles and digging huge holes in the lawn.

26. Aug, 2015


Here's Buddy at 15 weeks enjoying his holiday in Anglesey.

15. Aug, 2015


Tatty at 12 weeks

8. Aug, 2015


And this is our bonny wee girl Missy who we got in November 14 as a playmate for Rusty. Inseparable they are

8. Aug, 2015


This is our boy Rusty that we've had since August 2014. He is just gorgeous

6. Jul, 2015


Hi Christine

Beautiful poppy 12 weeks old

Love her so much xx

3. Jul, 2015

Karen Johnson

Hi Christine. This is Mabel at 12 weeks. She has got a fantastic personality and such a good girl

3. Jun, 2015

Amy & Tom

Here’s Humphrey on his first birthday, at the end of May. He’s a little superstar. So sweet natured, but a cheeky monkey too. We love him to bits. X

30. Mar, 2015

Wayne and Louise in York

Hi Christine here is paddy enjoying his favourite walk beside the river

20. Dec, 2014


Hi Christine. Here is Maisie after her Christmas haircut. Can't believe she will be 4 in April the time has flown xx

19. Oct, 2014

Sam, Lorraine, Alice and Poppy


Here is Darcy at 11 months. She is an absolute delight. So glad we got here. We think she might be a sibling of Buster - we got her from you in February. Quality Cockapoo!

16. Oct, 2014

Stephanie & Dave

Here's Rosie (at 5 Months) from Meg's first litter (now 6 Months). She has us and everyone she meets wrapped around her paw!

12. Aug, 2014

Amy & Tom

This is our lovely boy, Humphrey, at 11 weeks. He is such a character. He has settled in well and is looking forward to getting out for proper walks! xXx

5. Aug, 2014

Claire Law

This is our gorgeous puppy Bonnie. She has settled into our family perfectly

3. Aug, 2014

Wayne Armstrong

Paddy has settled in very well , fantastic addition to the family he already has lots of doggy friends while out and about in York

2. Jul, 2014


Hi Christine this is Buster at 7 months, we all love him to bits and my hubby and Jake are not allergic to him whoop. He is the most gorgeous dog ever and fantastic temperament. He was well worth the wait.
Thank you so much x

1. Apr, 2014

Tracy, Georgia and James

Happy1st birthday to our gorgeous girl Ruby Driver xxx

15. Feb, 2014


Hi Christine, Just thought I would update you on Tilly progress. She is doing really well a real addition to our family, Just started dog training with her hoping to do agility. Well thats all for now. Will keep you posted.

4. Feb, 2014


Ted aged 6 monthsand just after his first haircut. Im guessing Kiki and Crumble are his siblings!

31. Jan, 2014

Helen Dixon

Hi Christine,
Billy having fun in the snow!
Came from you in Aug 2011 x

12. Jan, 2014

Tina Gilham

Kiki bring a good girl keeping an eye on the budgies!

2. Jan, 2014

The Allotts

Hi! Crumble is always a little bundle of fur and fun! He loves meeting other dogs and people! He is full of energy and bouncing around everywhere!! X

21. Oct, 2013


Ollie at 1 year

20. Oct, 2013

The Allott's

Hi Christine, Crumble is doing really well in our family! We all went on a massive walk yesterday and he is now shattered!
The Allott's xxx

23. Sep, 2013

Tina Gilham

Here is Kiki again.

23. Sep, 2013

Tina Gilham

Hi Christine. Thought we would update you on Kiki. She's a little monkey but loveable too who loves to say hello to everybody, cats, dogs the lot. Can't wait to take her on a walk, she loves being outside.

13. Sep, 2013

Tracy, Georgia and James

Hi Christine, this is Ruby after her first haircut.

13. Sep, 2013

Tracy, Georgia and James

Hi Christine, absolutely loving having Ruby in our family. She has just been for her first swim in the paddling pool!

11. Sep, 2013

Anya and Marissa Allott

Hi crumble is settling in really well
He is fun and playful

22. Aug, 2013


We love

Website 9. Aug, 2013

Martine and Jim Davis-Salitan

This is Rusty, he is nearly two. We have so much fun with him.

6. Aug, 2013

Lorna Dangerfield

Hi Christine,
Fergus is an absolutely gorgeous boy. Everywhere I go with him he gets so much attention! He's very sweet natured and loves teasing Bruce our other cockapoo we got from you nearly 3 years ago. Thanks once again for such lovely dogs.

23. Jul, 2013

Pam Clarke

Hi Christine,
Hope you are keeping well. Darcey is an absolute credit to you!! She has brought so much love into our family. We went to the Cockapoo GB Club meet on Sunday and we were talking to a couple. We were both singing the praises of where
we got our dogs from, this went on for several minutes until we realised we were talking about the same person. You!!!! Hope your ears weren't burning too much!!
Hope to see you soon.
Pam, Peter, Danielle, Liam and Darcey x

10. Jul, 2013


Love your page very useful information

14. Jun, 2013


Hi there , Just Chilling

6. May, 2013

Tracy Walton

Hi Christine
Hope you ok just thought we would say hello. Tatty and Ludo still full of fun. Picture for you. Hope to see you again. Tracy.

5. Apr, 2013

Shay & Stuart

It's my birthday today, and I'm loving my cake!!!!

13. Mar, 2013

Kara Partington

Hi Christine, hope you are well. Oscar is nearly 6mths now and an absolute joy to have. He's having first haircut next week but here's the before.....

8. Mar, 2013

The Pines

This is when Jessie had her first groom

8. Mar, 2013

The Pines

Hi Christine, Neil and family heres a picture of jessie she is doing great! Hope to get over to see you with her soon x

8. Mar, 2013

The Pines

Hi Christine, Neil and family heres a picture of jessie she is doing great! Hope to get over to see you with her soon x

11. Feb, 2013

Shay, Stu & Rufus

Hi here

8. Oct, 2012

Acorns family

Thank you much for our cute bundle of fun. Ollie is growing so quickly and fitted in so well can't wait to take him out in two weeks !!

8. Oct, 2012

Suzanna Underwood

Hi Christine, here I am lying on Mums bed loving life x x x

29. Sep, 2012

sophie spink

we have had stanley a week now!! gone so fast hes so loving and loves a cuddle, hes so well behaved and is a wonderful new addition to the family! thanks so much for an excellent puppy!!

27. Jun, 2012

Shaylla and Stuart

Chilling out at Heaton Park, Manchester after seeing the Olympic Torch.

13. May, 2012

Caitlin, Patricia and Martin

Hi Christine,
Just thought we'd give you a little look at how Lilly is doing. She's almost a year old! She's got the biggest we think she'll get now. Lilly has also become great friends with Poppy, another one of the dogs you've bred, for the Marlors. Thanks again, we love her and she's thriving!xxx

5. May, 2012

emma salter

Hi as promised here is a pic of Mia. Good to hear from u today. I'll b in touch if i need more info on breeding. Thanx Xx

12. Apr, 2012

Shaylla and Stuart

Hi Christine
Our gorgeous boy Rufus celebrated his 1st birthday on the 5th April!!!
He is a wonderful addition to our family and we wouldn't be without him. He loves to play and loves having cuddles and snuggles. Rufus has a wonderful personality and loves everyone he meets.

9. Apr, 2012

Suzanna Underwood

Hi Christine, thought you'd like to see a pic of Molly...4 months...she's grown so much and is such a lovely soul, so gently when she's playing with little Kyle....oh and she has been so easy to train :) bless her. The countryside seems to suit her and she is a happy girlie
We all love her to bits!!! thank you Suzanna

29. Mar, 2012

Gayle and Des

Hi Christine
Just thought we would send you a picture of Alfie he's nearly 8 months old now and doing great.

10. Feb, 2012


Hi Christine
Molly is settling in really well and she's such a good girl for me and a pleasure to have in my home. My grandson Kyle and her get on so well together and we all love her to bits
Thank you so much for everything

1. Feb, 2012


following our visit to Christine's beautiful home with her treasured family and shiny happy dogs we we hopefully will have one of the puppies from the next litter.

1. Jan, 2012

poppy hulatt

hi i hope freddie is ok i cant wait to come and see him i bet he looks diffrent on saturday we are going to pets at home to get him a teddy (p.s happy neww year

12. Dec, 2011

Tracy Walton

Hi Christine nice to see you the other weekend, thought you might like this latest picture of Tatty and Ludo. Happy Christmas and New Year see you soon. Love Tracyxx

29. Nov, 2011

Tracy Walton

Hi Christine just to let you know Ludo has settled in brilliantly, he is running rings round Tatty, but they get on brilliant. Can't believe he is nearly 6 months old!! Hope to see you soon. Love Tracy xxx

26. Oct, 2011

Helen Dixon

Hi Christine, just to let you know that Billy is doing brilliantly. He is such a good boy and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. Couldn't imagine life without him! We can see the similarities with Tillie and Charlie below.
Love - the Dixon's x

23. Oct, 2011

Kam Tunningley

Hi Christine, here's a picture of Charlie at 15 weeks. He's a very happy little soul, very funny and very bouncy! ... and causes pavement traffic jams because of his cuteness! He's my shadow and best friend already .. Thankyou! Kam xx

7. Oct, 2011


Hi Christine. Here is a picture of Muffin -we got him from you last November. He is such a fantastic dog. He's got a great character and everyone loves him to bits !

30. Sep, 2011


had to add this photo - it's my favourite

26. Sep, 2011


Christine, a picture of Tillie at 10 weeks, she loves playing in the garden and has developed a fantastic, slightly cheeky character, which we love. Everyone who meets her falls head over heels in love and a few of my friends and their children are now pestering dads/husbands desperate for a cockapoo!

24. Sep, 2011

Paula Mc

HI Chris, here's an up to date photo of Maisie, now 5 and half months. cant believe how fast the time has gone. Maisie is a real character and we love her to bits, so does everyone who meets here! thank you xx

18. Sep, 2011

Fiona Waddell

This is the latest picture of Oscar, I collected him from Christine and her family in April 2011.

29. Aug, 2011

Stuart and Emma

This is Mia we have now had this little sweetheart for 2 days "Richard" the Shar Pei is not that impressed as yet but we are getting there.
Thanks Christine from Stuart and Emma

18. Jun, 2011

Shaylla & Stuart

Hi Chris
Thank you so much for giving our little boy Rufus the best start in life. He is a funny, gorgeous, adorable and very playful addition to our family. Everyone that meets him, instantly falls in love with him, as we did when we first saw him. He will be allowed out for the first time on Tuesday and I am sure that he will be a bit hit in the neighbourhood!
Rufus has made such a positive impact in our lives and he will be much loved and cherished by us all. xxxx

5. Jun, 2011


Hi, Chris a little pic of our gorgeous Jacob. He has settled into the Thompson house hold brilliantly, its like he has always been part of our family. He will have his first walkies outside in the big wide world on wed, cant wait to show him off he is so perfect, cute, and very funny, his coat is amazing I know we wont get far on our walk for people wanting to meet our little american cockapoo, Thank you for everything Chris he is positively perfect in every way we love him so much xxx
karen xx

4. Jun, 2011


Hi Chris, finally managed to get Maisie to keep still for a photo!! She has settled in really well and is growing fast. Maisie is very playful and loves playing with her toys and daddy's toes! she is sooo cute. Thank you for all your help and tips! her puppy pen is a brilliant idea. Paula x

3. Jun, 2011


Hi Chris,
Just to let you know that Daisy has settled in well and is absolutely adorable!
Thanks again, Susie xx

25. May, 2011

Fiona Waddell

Hi, my name is Fiona, on 24 May 2011, I travelled from Scotland with my father to collect my gorgeous baby boy Oscar from Christine and her family who made us feel very welcome. He is the most gorgeous, lively, fluffy little bundle of fun. It' early day's but his personality is already shining through. Everyone who meets him comments on his gorgeous shiny wavy coat.

7. May, 2011

Tracy Walton

Hi my name is Tracy and I have a cockapoo called Tatty who is nearly 1, she came from Christine and her very loving family. She is the most wonderful dog I have ever had and I would love another. She just looks like the puppy on the front page. My two kids both have severe asthma and allergies and they are both very well with Tatty, non shedding and totally loveable. I would thoroughly recommend Christine as her puppies are a credit to her loving and affectionate nature, she trains them very well, we have never had any trouble with tatty. Next time I would love an apricot!!!

Website 29. Mar, 2011


nice website, greetings