How to care for your Cockapoo


Grooming your Cockapoo should be a pleasant bonding experience, this should be done from a very young age as your puppy will soon learn to be handled, and put his/her trust in you while being brushed/trimmed, it should not be a frightening experience for your puppy, so please allow time for this, and should not, in any way, be rushed. 
Cockapoos have a thick, dense coat and needs grooming often, cockapoos coats can be curly or very wavy and can be prone to tangling or matting, especially between the legs where the coat rubs most when walking,
brushing and clipping at least 2/3 times a week can prevent this, most often people only brush the top layer of the coat, I recommend using a metal comb at least once a week to get to the under layer. 
Also check the pads on his/her feet for any cuts or debri, hair grows very quickly in this area, clipping the hair between the pads will prevent matting which can cause bacteria and severe infection, this can be quite painful.
A full trim can be done once or twice a year.


Cockapoos take after the Cocker Spaniel for their very long ears, Like any other breed with long ears, cleaning of ears is very important and should be checked on a regular basis.
Ear care is extremely important in preventing ear infections.
a specialized ear cleaner can be used with cotton wool wrapped around your finger, clean in and around the ear but make sure you don't go too far down the canal pushing any wax or debri further.
Cockapoos hair grows deep inside the canal, use a specialised ear powder to help pluck the hair out and trim any hair on the outside of the ear to helps prevent ear infections.
Cockapoos ears like any other breed, must be clean, dry, pink and odourless.


Bathing your Cockapoo should be done only when he/she appears dirty or starting to smell, bathing often i.e weekly can dry out his natural oils and can cause skin irritation.
Alway's use a good conditioner to help de-tangle and comb through whilst wet before drying.
Brushing before bathing can also reduce tangling and matting.